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Strategy Quest - How to Find Strategic Business initiatives

  • 1
    Creating Visionary Ideas for Start-ups and Strategy
    • Understand Customer Needs
    • Needs Mind Map Download
    • Establish a Need Based Goal
    • Explore the Need
    • Consolidate New Information and Experiences
    • Ideate
    • Incubate
    • Realize Your Vision
    • Creating Your Strategic Vision
    • Next Steps


Creating Your Strategic Vision

  • What's wrong with the typical way vision statements are created?

    Almost all vision statement are poorly written and achieve none of their intended objectives. Typically, vision statements are generic and describe "being the best in our industry" or providing an "exceptional customer experience." In other words, the same thing that each competitors is also trying to achieve.

  • Can we sign-up as a team?

    Yes. We can arrange for the course to be accessible only to specific people from a specific company.

  • Is additional coaching available?

    Yes. We can coach you on creating your vision remotely via telephone or Skype. Additional fees apply.

  • Why take the this course from Propheta Lucro?

    Business schools and consultants are behind the curve on creating strategic visions. This course represents a superior new approach that is unavailable anywhere else.